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Euan Grant


Euan has many years experience in Value Added Tax (VAT) at all levels and was a Strategic Intelligence Analyst for HM Customs and Excise.

His main forte is thinking strategically and has experience working in many countries around the world.

Most recently he has been deployed in Ukraine, Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) Yemen, Tanzania, Liberia and Jordan.

Particular emphases in his work are on coordination of direct and indirect tax revenue raising programmes with border security work, as part of short, medium and long term Integrated Border Management (IBM) development.

As a result he works frequently with Customs, police and military organisations, and on how IT modernisation can be most effectively used on an multi-agency basis.

Euan is a contributor to Open Democracy and has appeared on BBC Radio 4's PM programme a number of times as a key expert on Customs related issues and has advised  a television company’s investigative reporting team regarding due diligence on companies suspected of involvement in sanctions breaching.

He has also appeared on BBCTV’s London Politics programme in January 2018 regarding how the presence of Russian oligarchs has impacted on London and its property prices. This was broadcast coincided with the screening of the “McMafia” TV series.

Euan has visited Malaysia to build contacts in the ASEAN region regarding improving cooperation with the public and private sectors there in relation to due diligence and business risk mitigation issues. He returned to Kuala Lumpur in March 2018 to attend the Economist magazine’s Illicit Trade Conference.

Euan spoke on 6th March 2018 at the London Olympia Security and Counter Terror Expo., on the lessons for border control agencies and wider law enforcement organisations arising from recent technical and legal developments relating to airline passenger movements. At the 11th and 12th April 2018 Borderpol Conference in Prague, Czech Republic, he chaired a panel discussion on how humint skills and techniques need to interface with computer software-based identification and analysis system. This discussion followed a presentation given on this theme at DSEI 2017 in London in September 2017. Ideas generated from these presentations were used in his presentation in September at the Cambridge Economic Crime Symposium, where he highlighted the lessons for ASEAN countries from recent developments in EU Border Control programmes.

Euan is a Fellow of the Institute of Statecraft

To contact Euan directly please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it